Vision and Mission


  • Human consciousness
  • Meditative living
  • Sthitapragna Samadhi
  • Satyameva jayathe
  • Integrated person
  • Spirit of success and satisfaction
  • Holistic and wholistic life
  • Potential living
  • Heaven on Earth
  • Buddhu to Buddha
  • Human being to God
  • Manipulative mind to witnessing self
  • Stress free world
  • Essence of life to life of essence
  • Divine self and divine lives
  • No where to now here



  • To create a Heaven on Earth
  • To make everyone physically, healthy, mentally peaceful, Emotionally balanced and spiritually matured
  • To bring Health, Happiness and Harmony to everyone
  • To take everyone towards super consciousness, Bliss, Freedom, Liberation and Enlightenment
  • To create a world with friendship, kindness, Love, compassion, happiness, peace, prosperity and Bliss
  • To liberate the world from suffering and misery
  • To wipe out the discriminations such as caste, creed, culture, race, nationality, financial status and social status
  • To make every in dual positive, self confident, dynamic, peaceful, kind, compassionate, courageous, creative, intelligent, self sufficient, successful, selfless, healthy, Contented, service minded, realistic, socially responsible, spiritual and blissful
  • To make every individual a moving God.