Purna Purusha Sadhana

The ‘Purna Pursha Sadhana’ is a life style evolved by Guruji Swami Maitreya through which a person can transform into a total quality individual attaining physical health, mental peace, emotional balance and spiritual awakening. Every individual in the modern society is searching for a way out of his suffering and misery.

         The ‘Purna Pursha Sadhana’ life style evolved by Guruji is based on the teachings of the great masters like Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Prophet Mohammed, Tao of China, Zen of Japan and others. It is an amalgamation of all the teachings meant for every individual in the world irrespective of religion, caste or creed.

         In ‘Purna Pursha Sadhana’ we practice certain postures (Asanas) for flexibility of the body, pranayama for regulating the breath and meditation for transcending the mind. People of all age groups and all walks of life can lead a healthy, happy, successful and satisfied life by practising this Sadhana.