Guruji Swami Maitreya

Guruji, Swami Maitreya belongs to an established lineage of Yogic spiritual masters of India.  Through his 35 years of continuous practice, he had rediscovered the missing links of our Indian heritage.

         He is the creator and propagator of workshops of ‘Purna Purusha Sadhana’, ‘Brahma Vidya Sadhana’ and ‘Atma Sakshatkara Sadhana’

         Swami Maitreya is known to one and all through the ‘Jeevana Maithri’ programme televised by ‘Samskruthi’ T.V. channel.  He possesses a rare gift of explaining the essence of difficult philosophical and Vedanthic Truths in a simple language understood by a common man.

         Guruji received his formal education (Post Graduate) in the fields of Science (M.Sc.) and Management (M.B.A.).  He was awarded honorary Doctorate for his contribution in the field of Yoga and Para-medical Sciences.  He made significant contribution to the fields of Yoga psychology, Yoga philosophy and Yoga Therapy.  People from all walks of life found peace of mind, vibrant health and personal efficiency through his courses.  His training programmes to corporate bodies for personal growth, management and health are widely acclaimed.

         The practices followed by Guruji are very simple and effective.  They give success and satisfaction to the individual.  He practices a combination of both modern and oriental methods and are most effective and powerful in transforming an individual into a ‘Purna Purusha’, the total quality individual.

         The life he leads is an example of his teachings.  His teaching that, Spiritual and Materialistic lives are not different has been proved amply through his daily life.  For example, he has proved beyond doubt that one need not renounce every thing to become spiritual, leading himself a normal married life.  His wife is a Bank Officer, his elder son is a Software Engineer and the younger son is a Medico.  He is working as Manager for a Multi-National company and received ‘The Best Manager’ award for 17 years continuously.

         He is fulfilling all the responsibilities of an individual in family life, Professional life, Personal life and Social life and is a renowned Spiritual Guru.  With excellent awareness and equanimity in every action, he spreads love, affection and kindness to all.

         His life itself, in this way, is a message and inspiration to all.