What is 'Happiness'?

To be happy is very very simple. It is in the simplicity, it is in the innocence of very small things. If you are looking at a tree and your look is 100%.You are happy. The moment the mind doesn't sleep and communicates only from heart, there is happiness. You are looking at the stars...the look is 100%...you are happy. You are drinking water...the drinking is 100%...you are looking at the water...smelling the water...feeling the touch of the water...hearing the water...then, the water becomes the tongue and the tongue becomes the water. That itself is 'Happiness'. You are eating your food...be 100%.You will be happy. Never sacrifice this moment for the next moment. Because, all the next moments are originating from the failed moments of the past. All the future is nothing but a projection of the past. Tomorrow becomes today, tomorrow. Live your today. Live this moment 100% and that is Happiness. Happiness is not something to be searched. It is an inner phenomenon. You need not go anywhere for that. All going away will take you away. You will be lost in your direction. You will be wasting a lot of time. Happiness is a very simple game. It is in the small things of your life...in the very work you are doing, you can be happy. Happiness has nothing to do with success or failure. Happiness is a heart phenomenon...which is beyond polarities. We have not yet known the real happiness. Sometimes we are more happy and sometimes less happy. But we have not experienced the happiness through heart. The moment you become heart phenomenon, you will be utterly happy and you will be able to love everybody. The Fundamental law of happiness is, being 'here' and 'now'. Accept whatever comes every moment and participate in it 100%, without any expectations. Happiness is reserved for you. Whatever work you have, let the background be silence. Even while meditating, don't think there should not be any noise around you. If your living is 100% in that moment, the noise is no more a disturbance. It is absolutely harmonious. Everything will become a rhythm in life. Ego can never be happy and your inner self can never be unhappy. All name, riches, achievements etc will strengthen your ego. When you are total, you will not join with anything. You will become an absolute witness only when you are 100%. Totally participating in whatever you are doing. Only then can you be happy.

What is the difference between Pro-action (Response) and Reaction?

The things around us which cause stimulation are called Stimuli like smelling, seeing, hearing, tasting, touch etc. They cause responses in us. If you respond exactly to a situation without being influenced by the past, then you are Pro-active. That action is called 'Pro-action’. The ability to respond is called responsibility. There is another way of responding to a situation where the past knowledge interferes with your present perception. That is called as 'Reaction'. This is because of ignorance. You will be pro-active only when you are conscious. All the actions of children are pro-active. Response is pro-active. Actions of an adult are Reactions. All the actions of a Meditator are pro-active. All the reactions will add samskaras.

Guruji! I am remembering the old memories repeatedly for the past 3 years.Why is it happening?

See, this happens to all the people who are retired and old. What happens is when your energy doesn't come out at the physical level, it starts vibrating at the mental level. The energy is same. You have only one energy. See the people who are formers, who toil very hard in the fields or rickshaw pullers. Do you know that they don't think at all? What happens is the energy totally goes into their physical labor. When you were young, when you were holding a post may be at the smallest level, middle level or at the senior most level, what normally takes place is you will have some sort of work. So the energy diverts to the work. Idol man's mind is a devil's workshop. What's this Devil? Devil is nothing but your mind. The thing which has no body is Devil. Which is not conscious. When you are matter, when you are content, when you are an entity, the energy is drawn towards that. Otherwise, your energy diverts to else where...unconsciousness. That is Devil. What is happening to you now is only because of this. It's very simple. So, normally when you are aged, irrespective of who you were before, this happens to you. The more work you had earlier, before retirement, more the thoughts you'll have now. That's why I always tell people 'don't go for voluntary retirement'. You just change the attitude of your working. Other wise what happens is, when you retire that will be the real problem for you. The reason is you will be unable to handle that energy. You just keep on doing something. It's good in a way. If you don't do anything, you'll have a tough time. Once a lady complained me about her retired husband who she says keeps on grumbling all the day...interfering with her house hold work...correcting, commenting her in doing very small works also. This is what usually happens. Because the people who are used to busy work cannot sit idle. They want some sort of work and so they interfere. Active people who are retired are a big problem to the life partner. Whether it is a husband or wife. If your heart is not willing to work, no problem, create some work or hobby where your heart is. Let it be anything. But your energy should go there.
          When you don't have any work, your energy becomes mischievous. It is then that it starts doing dirty and manipulative things. Do any constructive work, may be a bit of gardening... any social work... be active. Karma Yoga is very important. You should never avoid Karma. Krishna gave the reason in the great sentence - 
                                                         “Karmanyevadhikarastey maa phaleshu kadhachana”
                                                  “Maa karma phala hethurbhu maatey sangastwa akarmaani”
Without action and karma, you will be lost. How can u retire? Did you retire from food?, Did you retire from money?, Did you retire from rest?, Did you retire from sleep?, Did you retire from hearing and seeing? No. Then how can you retire from your work? There is no retirement for anybody till you retire from this world. The only retirement is exiting from this world. Till such time don't think you are retired. Your working should be in relaxation. If you know the art of working, work is no more a burden. Let it be the worst job, worst boss, worst subordinate or 
worst colleague, let it be anybody...if you know the art of working, it's immaterial with whom you are working. You should know 'working with detachment'. Work with detachment is liberation and work with attachment is misery. Work with attachment is suffering and work with detachment is Moksha and Nirvaana. The very skill and dexterity in action is all important. Let it be any act, you should be equidistant from success-failure, winning-losing, reprimand-praise...all the pairs of opposites. You should be centered. The centering is important. When you are centered, your thoughts cannot move you an inch. That's the main crux of the whole issue. You can't retire from your energy. So start doing something, start meditatively living. The only difference between your working and others' working is...you work with consciousness. Then it will not cause any problem. You should be with absolute detachment and equanimity even if your enemy hits you or scolds you, even if you lose your job...that should be the attitude. So, how you are working will only make the difference. Karmayoga is important. The world started with Karmayoga only. You can't avoid Karma (work). You have to work.  Let it be any wok.  Be activity oriented. You should be very dynamic in external life, not a lazy guy. Be very active, agile and powerful. Being lazy (moodha) is very bad. Even if you are 70 or 80, do whatever you can do at that age. You have to be participative in your work. There is nothing like crossing the age. You can't avoid the work in external life. You should be tranquil and peaceful in your internal life. You should be peaceful even in your work. It's not that work means anxiety. Working in relaxation is required. The secret of art of working is ' working in relaxation'. If you don't bother even if you succeed or fail, if the out come is immaterial for you...what happens then? You will be relaxed even while working. You can enjoy the work you have at the hand. The first thing is don't be an extremist. Be moderate in your living. Do everything in moderation.  Madhyama Nikaaya    Buddha always said this. This means working in moderation, sleeping in moderation, eating in moderation...no extremes at all...just being detached.                                                
                                                 “Yogashaha kuru karmaani   sangam tyaktva dhanunjaya”
                                                 “Sidhya asidhyo samobhootva samatvam yoga uchyatey.”
          Detachment in action, dexterity in action, equanimity in action is all important. Then no bad can happen to you. You are inside God and God is inside you. Then the existence will protect you. You will feel a smooth flow in life. You will be alive continuously. A shield will be protecting you, an aura will be protecting you continuously. Silence doesn't mean no sound out side. It is inner. When there is inner silence every sound will be a music. The sound of neighbors' fighting, the sound of children's cries, the twittering of birds....irrespective of the sounds you will remain silent. When your inner self is silent, everything is silent. When the centre is silent, the circumference is also silent. The secret is very simple. The whole magic is with your inner self. So, if the inner self is ok everything is ok.

Which practices are advisable for pregnant women?

Doing the pranayamas like Naadi shodhana, Mental Naadi shodhana, Anuloma viloma, Bhramari, Udgeetha pranayama, Ujjayi pranayama is very good for the pregnant women and also for the baby inside. Now it is researched that these practices give a wonderful baby with good physical health and mental health. It will have tremendous results if they do it from the first month itself. Lucky are those who know it even before their marriage, before conceiving, before the sex act ...even that act can be performed in a divine manner. The same act has 3 ramifications. It can be a Tamaswik act for pleasure or it can be a Rajaswik act for productivity or it can be a Satwik act to get the orgasm for liberation...Samadhi. You will naturally enter into Meditation for the first time during orgasm. It is also Meditation but for a very small period...the perfect state of absolute nothingness, a state of Bliss. It is the same state of Meditation. If you know it before marriage the whole sex act can be performed in a different manner. The male will be Shiva and the female will be Parvathi. You will be Ardhanareeshwara. There will be no manipulation on the other. It will be absolutely with divinity. You will thank the other. But what is happening now is there is aversion on each other. Both the partners have hatred to each other. Why?...because your satisfaction, your happiness is dependent on the other. That's why you will have jealousy to your life partner. Now the whole act, if changed into another paradigm, will be beautiful. You will almost thank your life partner in your heart. While conceiving... when the egg and the ovum come together...when the fertilization takes place in that meditative mood, a God will born. Because, the Atma which is going round will always be looking for a womb of a similar nature. That Atma which wants to be liberated will come into your womb. You will conceive a God inside. As Atma you wanted the same parents you presently have. That's why we are born to them. You wanted the same neighbor, same job, same children we presently have. That's why we got them. If you do Kapalabhati and Bhastrika in a very slow pace, the navel area gets a movement. The blood circulation improves and the food supply will be good. All the organs and all the systems of the foetus will be healthy. What happens if the body is healthy?...healthy body gets a healthy mind. Physiology is connected with psychology and psychology is connected with physiology. If you change the psychology, physiology will change and if you change the physiology, the psychology will change. They are a part of one reality. Body and mind are not 2 different things. It's called Body-Mind complex. If you do Udgeetha pranayama what happens?...there will be a rhythm when you repeat 'Om...’ all the cells will vibrate. All the samskaras will get cleansed in the womb itself. Kumbhaka (holding of breath) should not be done during pregnancy. Everything should be done in a very slow pace. The Meditations like Relaxation Meditation, Beginners' Meditation, Advanced Meditation will be powerful. Even the child can hear them. He will be blessed. You are connected with your previous birth. It's not incidental that you have come hear and you are hearing me...You are a very fortunate person in your previous birth...you are continuing your job...I am continuing my past. Life is a cycle till we completely become a part of the total divinity... the wholesomeness... the poorna. Once you become that wholesomeness, there is no need for your coming back. You will be a part of the light of the stars...you will be a part of the beauty of the nature...you will be a part of the beauty of the music of the whole existence...then you will be a part of the God...part of the divinity. The whole travel, the whole mystery, the esoteric journey is only towards the ultimate divinity. You may name it as Allah, Eshwara, Father in the heaven or Buddha...it is the same God. Words are immaterial. It is the same God...it is the same ultimate arrival. Once you are into this journey, it will be very powerful... very transforming... very unavoidable. Pregnancy is the beginning point. Even in the sex act, if you know which naadi is operating, it can be done in a divine way. If the female naadi (Ida, the left breath), is active for the male and the male naadi (Pingala, the right breath) is active in the female, the dominant role and the submissive role should be taken by the partners accordingly. This was told by Shiva in Shivasutras. That's why you will find all such postures in many sacred temples like Khajuraho, Konark....all this knowledge is secretly hidden. What is important is to conceive a baby in that particular manner of divinity. Then something superior will happen. The child may not be the president, prime minister or an IAS officer but he becomes God. If you keep Brahmamudra while doing Kapalabhati and Bhastrika it will be much more beneficial. It stimulates the navel area and the nutrients are supplied to the foetus properly. The baby is connected with the umbilical cord which supplies it all the nutrients. But it should be done in a very low pace. Don't do it after one month. Remember, all these things should be done under the supervision of a trained Teacher. You can do some of the Asanaas which can help the muscle coordination...mobility of that part during delivery. Cissarian will not be required. The Asanas like Markataasan give stamina to the internal parts. Most importantly Meditation should be done by all the Mothers. If you don't meditate put the Meditation cd at least. Let the baby hear. If you take soft things and good things during pregnancy, good will happen to the baby. As you sow so you reap. If you take honey, you will become honey. If you take whiskey, drugs, strong spices, negative thoughts...what happens to the child?...so, be good...you will get a God

Why do thoughts come?

Nature dislikes vacuum. Nature aborts vacuum. Air...water flow to the places where there is emptiness. Even thoughts enter those who are idle. The flow is always from high pressure to low pressure. People sometimes are lost in thoughts...they fly to so many places and they remain unconscious for a long period till someone disturb. The speed of thoughts is faster than even that of light. What I tell you is you go on doing Meditation then your thoughts will reduce day by day. Involve in some work totally. Say if you are a glass...just be in that totally. Whatever might be the work, involve in that totally and don't allow the thoughts to come. Go on practicing this in each and every work...even while walking, talking, bathing, eating...be totally alive in that work. Whenever you are in some work, there will not be any space to thoughts and whenever you are not doing any work, thoughts will definitely come. If your mind exists heart cannot exist. If heart exists mind will not exist...it is simple...the presence of heart means you are totally involved in the action with 100% participation. If you don't involve totally in the action, thoughts will enter you. If you get a thought it means that you are not participating in the action totally. What is mind?...mind is a flow of thoughts...What are thoughts?...they are related to past or future. If you are in the past or future, you can't be in the present moment. If you are in the present, how can you go to the past or future?...how can you get thoughts?...it means that you will be in divinity whenever you are in the present moment. That's the meaning of sachchidaananda. It means being in the present moment...being here and now...being with God. Whenever you are with God, you will not get any thoughts. If you get thoughts, you will not be with God...simple. That's why always be in action. Karmayoga is important. Karmayoga is not just working busily...Karmayoga is working heartily, consciously with 100% participation, with divinity, with childlike nature, with innocence. Then thoughts will not come. Actually the unlived past results in so many thoughts. If you want to do something, do it consciously with total participation. Then it will not haunt you anymore. It will never appear in the future again. If you want to eat Laddu (a sweet), eat it with full participation...be total in its taste, smell, touch...participate totally with all the sensory organs...then it will be totally satisfied and will never haunt you in the future. Whatever is hidden in your subconscious and unconscious minds, will come as thoughts. Thoughts disturb you because you have not satisfied them previously. All the unsatisfied and unfulfilled past will be stored in your sob conscious and unconscious minds and comes out as thoughts. Suppose you want to kiss a girl, but the society will not allow you to do it. Then it goes into your subconscious and unconscious mind and settles there. Whenever you get a chance to do that, you may even rape that girl. All rape, murder, loot are coming from your inside only. They are all hidden inside you. When you totally involve in an activity and live in it totally, it will not become your subconscious or unconscious mind. It will never come as a thought again. Another method to come out of thoughts is to melt your past through Meditation. Take out all the sensations and thoughts, then they don't stay inside you. There are 2 methods to reduce your thoughts. One is living in the moment with full participation and the second one is cleansing all the samskaaras and previous births. If you go on cleansing, they will exhaust. Then thoughts will seize completely. That's why before coming into Meditation you will unconsciously for much time. And after starting Meditation, it reduces. You may slip some times but you will come back. Slowly you will get used to participate in the action fully. Understood?..

If I am remembering the past at this moment, am I in the present or past? And, purposefully thinking about something and getting unwanted thoughts ...are the both same or different?

See, if you want to remember something from the past and you are remembering it, that act of remembering will become the act of this moment...present moment. And also if your body, mind and heart, all are collectively present in the act of remembering...it means that you are in the present moment only. But if you get an unwanted thought while sitting here and listening me, that's different. Suppose you are eating food and suddenly you remember your mother, brother or your girl friend...that is an unwanted thought. The thought has come from somewhere else. That's different from your willful thinking. Now I am speaking. Why my speech is coming logically?...because in this particular moment of speaking, my body, mind and heart are involved in this act completely. But if I get some unwanted thoughts from elsewhere...may be a thought of a problem regarding my professional work or a thought of my next program, that will be different. And suppose I have a problem regarding my professional work. And I have to plan in a certain way and I have to follow some steps to come over the problem...and also I am totally involved in the action...what happens then?...I can successfully solve the problem. But instead of participating in the action totally and consciously, if you are just entertained by the thoughts, can you solve the problem?...the past knowledge will be there in the background but it should not interfere with you present actions. It should complement the present actions. Got it?

Is planning for something wrong?

When planning becomes the act of your present moment, it is not wrong. But usually that doesn't happen. We go on planning and planning...millions of plans we make but we don't execute anything. That's a waste. If you are action oriented and plan for a work, that's ok. But just dreaming something, imagining something, whiling away the time without doing any action is wrong. Planning without execution is waste. That is not useful to you. See, you can only do the things which you intend to do consciously. But if it is the stuff of your unconscious mind, you can't execute the work. Whenever you are consciously involved in an action, when you are action oriented, then only you can execute a plan. Then you will become an action oriented personality...you will only plan for what you want to do. If you work according to your plan without expecting the result, then you are a Karmayogi. You should be with equanimity and action oriented. That's Karmayoga. Be with action even if the action doesn't give the desired result. See, your dreams should be supported by action. It's good to be action oriented. Thoughts should be the predecessor for the action.

Guruji, I am working in a BPO for the past 1 year. I increased weight by 11 kg and developed indigestion. I also have waist pain and I am not able to sit for a long time. Can you suggest any solution?

It's a common problem. See, if you don't take care of your body and mind and if you abuse them then you will get into lot of stress. Normally people working in BPOs get lot of fast food and fatty food. High dose of carbohydrates is fat. It will be stored in the adipose tissue and adds to your weight. When you abuse your stomach 90% of the things go wrong. And if your life style is also wrong, it will be still worse. You can have food but what's important is you will have to burn all the calories. I also take all kinds of foods but the difference is I exhaust that energy. I am also working in a company, I have a family...I am like anybody. My system does not tell people to stay in forests, mountains...to run away from family...to eat only raw food...not at all. You should be the market yard...even if you are in marketing field, no problem...even the worst type of profession, no problem. The important is how you can tune yourself and how you can balance your material life and spiritual life. Even if you are a business man, no problem. Business man doesn't mean that your attitude should be business man like...no...You should understand that is all for our livelihood, that's all. What's our basic interest?...our basic interest is Liberation, Moksha, Nirvaana, Freedom, Divinity, God. This is our basic interest. What should we do for this?...we should clean our body and mind. For cleaning your body you need a little of Yama, Niyama, Asana and Pranayama and for cleaning your mind you need a little of Pratyahaara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi. Then both the body and mind will coordinate. They will excellently help you in such a manner that you can be successful. In normal life people may call you as a successful executive or professional or manager...but you will be a role model to the whole of the society and also you will be into spirituality. It will be a perfect balancing act. You should not any time just because food is available. The purpose of food is to have a right body and right muscular strength. Why do we eat food?...we eat food for the growth of the body, strength and energy.These are the basic things. It's not for taste we are eating. Empty calories are very dangerous. Sometimes people avoid food totally...they avoid breakfast ... lunch... that's also dangerous. Then you will tend to eat all junk food...keep on munching lot of junk food...that's also wrong. You should have a balanced diet...a combination of carbohydrates, protein, a little of fat, fibre and minerals. Don't go for a burger just because it contains carbohydrates. That adds excess calories. The basic thing is you should take lot of fruits. Eat whatever fruit you want...they will not add any weight. You can also take a little of sprouts, carrots, tomato, onion...all the things in balance. A little of fruits, nuts, raw vegetable...don't be excess in anything. Be moderate in everything. Take juices...once in a while you can have sweets and also junk food. But don't exceed. I am not against anything. But excess of anything is bad. Let's say if you miss all the nutritious food...not doing any pranayam and asanas...having junk food and just go and settle in your work place...what happens then?...It will add weight. For the past 40 years, my weight is 57 constantly. I don't allow to put on even 1 kg weight. I eat everything but burn all the calories. I don't eat excess just because y wife wants me to eat or my friends want me to eat. Eat how much you want to. Don't be a slave to your tongue. If you eat something excess just because it is tasty, it will be poisonous. It will become a toxin inside you. It will block your system inside you. It's lucky to be healthy. God has given you a good gene. Don't abuse it. Eat what you want ...how much you want and stop there. You should maintain at least 5 hours gap in between 2 meals. “Jihvaa madhumatthama”means the tongue is the biggest enemy. The tongue will take you any where. Suddenly you may want to eat in between 2 meals, then what to do?...the best suggestion is keep some nuts with you...groundnuts, cashew nuts...eat just 1 or 2...not so many. A carrot or an apple would be rather better than the pulse stuff. It will not add any calories. Take honey with lime in warm water. See it regularly in the morning. It will work for over weight. If you also have constipation first get rid off that. Take Triphala regularly. It takes care of many problems. Triphala is an ayurvedic medicine. It contains 3 ingredients. The formation of free radicals can be controlled. See, stomach is the mother of all disorders. If you are not able to clean your stomach it will block your system. If you practice Kapalabhati and Bhastrika pranayama how can you have constipation...if you take 1250 ml of water early in the morning how can you have constipation?..If you have carrots and radish, you will never have constipation. If you still have constipation, take warm water in frequent intervals through out the day. If you abuse your body, if you sleep for long hours, you can't reduce your weight. What's sleep?...it's nothing but unconsciousness. People who suppress more in their life will sleep longer hours. They will be lazy. If you are meditative, you don't need more hours of sleep. Why?...because you will be adjusted to consciousness. If there's more unconsciousness, more sleep is required...why?...because more dreams are required. If there are more dreams, you will be more unconscious. I don't tell you to be sleepless...no...meditate more. If you meditate more, it will reduce your sleep. I never slept after 3 am in my life. If I have any sickness, I will meditate in the bed itself in sleeping posture. But majority of the times I leave my bed. Otherwise you tend to sleep. If you do Bhastrika and Kapalabhati, where is the question of over sleep? You can't sleep more. It will throw away all the toxins. It will take out all the excess weight. Don't fix some figure, 60 kg or 70 kg as excess weight. Don't have your own rules. Leave the rules to God. God is supreme. God knows what is correct. You can do everything to come out of a problem and leave the result to God. Allow him to do what is right for you and what is wrong for you will go away. See, if you are a bit over weight and you have done everything to reduce weight... even then there's no result it means that it is good for you. Don't starve yourself to reduce weight. Buddha said   “Madhyama nikaaya” everything should be in moderation. Not eating at all is also very bad. Eat in moderation...sleep in moderation...relax in moderation...work in moderation...do everything in moderation. It is said in Geetha-
                                                        “Yukthahaara vihaarasya yuktha cheshtasya karmasu” 
                                                        “Yuktha swapnaavabodhasya yogobhavathi duhkhaha” 
It means be moderate in everything. Do Sankhuprakshaalanam. There cannot be any excess weight after doing. Do Gajakarni, have proper life style. Wake up early in the morning. Getting up in Brahmamuhurtha (at 3 am) will be wonderful. But our work schedules may not allow to get up that early. At least wake up by 5 am or 6 am at least. There will be divine vibrations during Brahmamuhurtha. Ida (left breath) and Pingala (right breath) naadis equalize naturally in that time. That's why it is beneficial to you. Whenever you wake up, let it be by 6 am  but do all these practices first and the others rest. Then everything will be done by God. God will take care of everything. You will put on weight if you are under tension and also if you are not under tension. People who are under tension eat more. They keep on munching something. Because the energy need to be released under tension. People use that energy for crushing food underneath their teeth. They keep on munching something and the people who are lazy also do the same. They do only 2 things...eating and sleeping. That's very bad. It is a very beautiful life...live in it totally...enjoy it. Be conscious...the very consciousness is God. The moment you are conscious you will allow God to awaken within. Do that, God will take care of you. God will take away excess weight, obesity, negativity...still if doesn't go, it means that God wants it. Don't fight with God. Don't demand anything from God. Allow him to do his job. Be conscious, he will take care. Don't be unconscious while doing Bhastrika and Kapalabhati...do consciously. Take away all the anger, hidden emotions and suppressions through Utsaaha Dhyanam  (DynmicMeditation). Some people put on weight as they don't cry, as they suppress a lot. You may be angry on somebody, jealous on somebody or having sex feelings on somebody...let that emotion come out. Take that anger out...be angry and also be conscious of that anger. Then the anger will not settle inside you. Whatever wild emotions you have inside, let them come out. Cry, scream, shake, jump, dance whatever it may be...just behave like a mad man. Then only you can become God. My magic formula is to give the switch to God...that's all. If there is anybody who trusts God most, it's my system. If you trust God he will take care of everything. No botheration about anything. So, what are the things to follow?...Yama, Niyama, Aasana, Praanayama, Pratyahaara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi.
Yama - Ahimsa, Satya, Astheya, Brahmacharya, Aparigraha.
Niyama- Shoucha, Santosha, Tapah, Swaadhyaaya, Eshwarapranidhanaani.
Asana- Sthiram sukham aasanam.
Pranayama - Tasmin sthi Shwaasaprashwaasayorgati vicchedhaha pranayama.
Pratyahaara - Swavishaye samprayoge chittha swaroopaanukara ivendriyanam pratyahaara.
Dharana - Deshabandhahchitthaha dharana.
Dhyanam - Tatra pratyayaikataanata dhyanam.
Samadhi - Tadaiva ardhamaatra nirbhaasa swaroopa shoonyamiva samadhi.
Then what will happen?...Whatever is required will stay in you and whatever is not required will go away from you. This is the formula what Buddha did, Krishna did, Shiva did. They were also individuals like you. They were also individuals like you...born on this Earth, they became Gods. You are also potential Gods. If you liked the Master, he has to be replicate inside you. If you like Shiva, follow Shivasutras. If you like Baba, do what Baba did. If you like Buddha, do what Buddha did. If you like Jesus, do what Jesus did. The whole of Bhagavadgeetha says the same thing...the whole of Vignaana Bhairava Tantra...Upanishads say the same thing. But people started by hearting instead of following them. There's no heart at all, only by 'mind'ng. There's no short cut to your happiness, harmony, peace, God...do everything and you will get what is required. If you do Utsaaha Dhyanam, Sankhu prakshaalan, Gajakarni, Kapalabhati, Bhastrika and eat the the what I told you...if you follow the life style which I told you...if you do the Meditation which I told you, you can never put on weight at all. Even then you don't reduce weight, that must be good for you. If you sleep immediately after having your dinner, you will put on weight. Some people keep on eating everything all the time without proper exercising...what happens then?...Even while watching TV they go on dumping food unconsciously watching all the violence, all the negativity. What ever you watch outside will reflect your inside...it will have an impact on your mind. If you watch a violent scene on the screen, so many harmful chemicals will be produced inside the body. If you watch a sad incident, tears will come out of your eyes. Every kind of scene will have an impact on your mind. That’s why don't abuse your body don’t abuse your mind.

Guruji, my heart beat is increasing while speaking in public. How should I come out of this?

If 'we' speak, then our heart beat will increase...if ego speaks, all the dirt will come out...allow the God to speak, then essence will come out. See, whenever I speak I don't feel it is uttered by me. I am only a ventilator to God. I allow him to speak...then where is the question of my heart fluttering?...my heart confusing? If I am not the speaker, why should I worry? Whether you appreciate or not...it's immaterial for me. Perhaps you may not know that whenever I speak here, I will also be listening my words for the first time just as you people hear...I am not the speaker...when it becomes like that there is no fear. When I speak, then there will be worry, tension, shame...when I am not the speaker where is the point of worrying?...not expecting any reward...no expectation at all. Be divine and allow the divine to speak, then you will not be worried. When your ego speaks then there will be lot of worry. You need to spend lot of energy...you need to exert...you will be tired. I will tell you few things just for personality development sake...if you make your diaphragm vibrate, your heart will not vibrate faster. Raise the voice a little louder than you can. Whenever carbon dioxide accumulates in your lungs, heart has to pump the blood faster. Because it has to supply more oxygen. If you feel tense...if carbon dioxide accumulates, exhale it through your mouth. Take a deep breath and exhale through mouth. Then you will have fresh oxygen. If you still have fast heart beat it means that you have a lot of tension inside. Then watch my stress management CD...watch everything I have done. Transparency is my language. Secrecy is a burden for us. That conflict is dangerous for you. Don't be manipulative. Be same both in your inside and outside. Death is the highest fear in a person...next highest fear is speaking in public. Reading books on public speaking, personality development is a waste. Because the writers of such books are also not happy and some even committed suicide...because they are all theories...theories cannot change anybody...they are only to tell people. My magic formula is do your Pranayama...do your Meditation...no fears at all. Do Kapalabhati, Bhastrika, Anuloma viloma....how can your heart beat then?...your brain gets oxygen, your central nervous system gets oxygen...how can you get tension?...See, you do everything of our package...then you will be successful and satisfied. You will be an outer winner and an inner winner just like Krishna...with external dynamism and inner tranquility...no pairs of opposites will bother...anything is ok...
“Samah shathraucha mithraucha tatha manaavamaanayoh” 
“Seetoshna sukhaduhkheshu samahsanga vivarjitah.” 
“Tulyanindaa sthuthurmauni santhushto enakenachit” 
“Anikethah sthiramathih bhakthimaan mey priyonarah.” 
No pairs of opposites should hurt us. This is important. You do that and there will be no fear. Formula is very simple. Do this package...that's all.