What is Yoga

The word ‘Yoga’ is evolved from ‘yuj’, i.e. joining together. Yoga is integration of body and mind with the soul. It is synchronization of the both the hemispheres of brain, i.e., joining of the right brain with the left brain, joining the sympathetic with parasympathetic nervous system. It is joining of eda nadi (left breath) with pingala nadi (right breath). Also joining of pancha koshas (annamaya, pranamaya, manomaya, vignanamaya, anadhamaya) and conscious mind with unconscious mind. According to Pathanjali Maharshi the definition of ‘yoga’ is:

“Yogaschitta vrithi nirodhaha”

It means removal of mental modifications. It is a process of stopping the behavior of formed consciousness that is the mind. It helps a person to be a total quality individual by attaining physical health, mental peace, emotional balance and spiritual awakening. It helps in achieving excellence in personal life, family life, professional life and social life. This can be possible when we practice the ashtanga yoga (yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, samadhi) as suggested by Pathanjali Maharshi.