Bramha Vidya Sadhana

An individual is a potential God. When we are in mother’s womb and up to three years after our birth there was complete innocence and divinity in us. As we grow up we are influenced by parents, teachers, education and society and the mind gets developed. Gradually, we lose the childlike innocence and natural qualities. We have started analyzing with mind and became victims of emotions like craving, aversion, jealous, anger and ego. As a result we were put to tension and lost our peace. The mind thinks of either the past or the future and neglects the present moment. When the mind becomes the master of us we become the victims of suffering and misery.

         We are all parts of one supreme entity. But due to our ignorance we are thinking that we are distinct from the God or the existence.  Our ignorance does not allow us to know as to who we are.  Because of our unconsciousness, our sensory organs are more attracted to the materialistic comforts. Due to our ego and self respect we have become hypocrite. Hence, our journey is outward. When we cleanse our ‘samskaras’ and negativities then our inward journey starts.

         “Brahma vidya is the merging of individual consciousness with the Supreme consciousness. It is a process of becoming no mind or the pure mind or the complete mind by removing our mental modifications and conditioning. ‘Brahma Vidya Sadhana’ techniques preached by Guruji Swami Maitreya are for transcending the body and mind, which are of impermanent nature and helps us knowing of our inner self. By utilizing the tool of meditation, we can remove our samskaras and vasanas and attain divinity and bliss. Through ‘Brahma Vidya Sadhana’ an individual can be transformed and transcended by living in this moment (Sthitha pragna), accepting every moment as it is as a Prasada and accepting every problem as Maha Prasadha with equanimity.  The Higher consciousness is Divinity. Attaining once again the child like qualities of innocence and divinity is Brahma vidya.”