Swami Maitreya sadhana has various benefits at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions.  

  •     Swami Maitreya sadhana makes one the purnapurusha (The total quality individual).
  •     It gives physical health, mental peace, emotional balance and spiritual maturity.
  •     It enriches one’s personal life, family life, professional life, social life and spiritual life.
  •     It liberates one from suffering and misery.
  •     It takes one towards freedom, bliss, truth, super consciousness and enlightenment.
  •     It makes one realize the impermanent nature of Body-Mind phenomenon and transcend the mind.
  •     It frees the mind of ignorance, craving and aversion.
  •     It cleans the mind of all its masks, conditionings, suppressions, beliefs, imaginations.
  •     It gives success and satisfaction to one self.
  •     Swami Maitreya sadhana brings back the innate divinity, the pure inner nature and the original face.
  •     It brings health, happiness and harmony.
  •     It makes one understand the mind, transform the mind and transcend the mind
  •     It makes one master the mind.
  •     It breaks the barrier between the conscious mind and the conscious mind and makes one completely wakeful in all the states of consciousness.
  •     It makes one meditative always while walking, talking, eating, sleeping and even while mating.
  •     It makes one live each moment completely and renounce the every past moment.
  •     It ascends one into the inner self, the inner being, the atma.

There are many other benefits of Swami Maitreya sadhana, which come as the by- products.
Swami Maitreya Sadhana increases the energy levels, the creativity, the restful alertness, the breathing patterns, the memory, the concentration, the will power, the work efficiency, the working relationships, the productivity, the galvanic skin response, the parasympathetic activity, the clarity of thinking.  It increases the potential of the mind, improves the self confidence, self esteem, builds up immunity, and improves the alpha, beta and theta wave patterns of the brain.  It decreases BP, decreases the cortical activity, the cholesterol levels of the blood, the sugar levels of the blood, the heart rate, the metabolic rate, the metabolic process, the sympathetic nervous system, the carbon dioxide in the plasma.  It balances the hormonal secretions, synchronizes the brain hemispheres, and controls the autonomous nervous system, endocrinal system.  It relieves the person of Asthma, Bronchitis, Hypertension, Diabetes, stomach disorders, skin disorders, tension, stress, anxiety, ageing problems, brain attacks, alcoholism, drug addition, smoking and many other things.
 It contributes to one’s physical health, mental peace, emotional balance and spiritual awakening.