Atma Sakshatkara Sadhana

“ ‘Atma Sakshatkara Sadhana’ is essence of life and life of essence. Our body and mind are the doors to reach the soul. One has to transcend body and mind to reach the soul. Heart is very fragile to reach the soul. God has given instinct for the lower species and intuition for the higher species. For all the lower species there is only a body but no mind at all but for the human beings who are supposed to be the higher species, have a mind in addition to body. Human being can be beyond conscious or simply unconscious. ”
         Living in this moment (here and now) is ‘satyam’. The consciousness utterly in this moment, when it becomes totality is ‘Sivam’.  The existence itself is ‘Anandam’ (beauty), the beauty itself is God. If you are with being, the being is God and being is always blissful. Actually the very bliss is called the being. You should drop the mind so that you can use the mind properly. “Mind thinks of acquiring more knowledge. The moment more knowledge is with you, it is useless. All the knowledge we acquire is to drop the knowledge ultimately. The inner self is not the thoughts but when it identifies with the thoughts it loses its original chastity and purity. The mind is to be utilized to drop the mind. There is always a witness behind us watching each and every activity - a witness behind our vision, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. Witnessing the witness is ‘Atma Sakshatkara’.  Making the ‘Atma’ as a witness is ‘Atma sakshatkara’. It is becoming of a mirror unto oneself.