The human birth is the most blessed and fortunate one, out of all the births; but just being born as a human, doesn’t give an unconditional advantage. The whole animal world, plant world except the human being is unconditionally existential and blissful. Everything in nature is beautiful and blissful as they do not have the process called mind. Every human being was born with a brain but the mind is what you have accumulated after the birth. It contains just the past and the future. The mind just contains the unconsciousness. The mind doesn't allow one to stay in the present.

The human being has a choice to be conscious or unconscious. The consciousness is the totality of the being and the presence of the Bliss. The unconsciousness is the misery and suffering. The unconsciousness is the absence of the inner self. The mind is the cause of suffering and misery. The No-Mind is the presence of the being and the Bliss of innerself. The No-Mind is the full mind of divinity.

The Purnapurusha sadhana, the Brahmavidya sadhana and the Atma sakshatkara sadhana transform the human into the divine.The workshops positively free the spirit and ascend you towards Enlightenment, Bliss, Freedom and Superconsciousness.

When we were born, we had no mind. We were born with the pure being. The pure being of our inside was absolutely divine. It had the divinity, bliss, beauty, energy, power, creativity and spontaneity. No need of any becoming but the whole of our upbringing was faulty. It just created a sort of inferiority, guilt and insufficiency right from the child hood. Every human born on this earth is a potential God. All gods and masters like Jesus, Buddha and Krishna were born on this earth only. They just escaped the clutches of human upbringing. The No-Mind of the birth has not become the impure mind of the usual human beings in those blessed individuals.

Our path is the path of purification of Body-Mind complex. It is the path of de-conditioning and resurfacing of your original face, the path to regain your divinity, purity and innocence.